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OB WhatsApp Apk
App Name OB WhatsApp Apk
App Version V56
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category OBWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

OB WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular communication applications in general, as it is a lightweight mobile application that does not require fast internet to send messages. Registration in this program is done through the phone number, and a verification code is sent to the phone number that you enter to ensure your personal safety from any harm associated with the program. The program will work.

OB WhatsApp allows you to make voice and video calls.
You can also control the chat with the friend you are chatting with, through this you can change the colors of your chat and you can also block the chat People you don't want to chat with.
The OB WhatsApp program gives you, among other things, the ability to control your personal account, including the ability to change and delete your number from the program. The program also allows you to have a group chat with an unlimited number of people, which can be useful if you are a group of friends and want to communicate with each other.
So all you have to do is download OB WhatsApp for Android.” It is really a very amazing program and worth downloading because it offers many services.

Features of OB WhatsApp latest version:

You can also run OB WhatsApp on your PC by scanning the QR code.

You can control the program's notifications to avoid receiving any annoying notifications.

You can contact the program's technical support team to file complaints about WhatsApp or participate in the development of the program.

Download OB WhatsApp to enjoy an experience that helps you communicate and get your work done.

You can choose a unique name and add the desired photo, in addition to adding your CV, which provides a brief overview of you.

Download the OB WhatsApp program now, as it allows you to download your status so that all parties can see your contacts.

You can also access the desired contact and search for anything you have typed while chatting with your friend.

You can also mute chat notifications if you don't want to receive any notifications from them.

You can block and report contacts that are annoying you, and the responsible team will close the contact for you.

You can activate the feature to add a shortcut on your phone's home screen.

It is one of the best features of the WhatsApp application. Download OB WhatsApp from our website for Android to enjoy the wonderful experience that makes it easier for you to communicate better with your friends and family.

OB WhatsApp has been loved by millions of people around the world because of the features it offers.

Quickly download OB WhatsApp to continue your work and communicate with more people.

You can send photos and videos to any contact you wish, and it is necessary to download the program because of its great importance in our lives.

The features of this version are similar to the OB WhatsApp application, which you can also download for free from our website or via the link below the article.

OB WhatsApp against ban

OB WhatsApp is one of the programs that offers you new benefits.

It is a professional modification. Today you will enjoy many privileges in these new icons, changing the appearance and developing many advanced features to suit different tastes.
You will find this free program is small in size and does not take up much space, and then you will find all these additional features that were added by the Arab developers. There are also restrictions in the official version of the original WhatsApp, and not only this, but you cannot have a large number of people in groups, It does not have group chat elements, and now when you download this OB WhatsApp version, you will find that all these settings can be accessed in one place.

OB WhatsApp allows you to chat for free with all your contacts and any available number inside or outside your country. It is used on social media platforms and is considered one of the most popular programs. In this ءmod you will enjoy the huge features that have been added in this update, including the dark mode. It has its own settings that can be modified in the settings menu to provide more privacy.

Why OB WhatsApp?

OB WhatsApp is one of the applications that offers new benefits. It's an adjustment. You can now enjoy new features, including the ability to hide messages and multiple options to protect your conversations.

You can also set up different categories and upload stories, as well as view your friends' stories.

You can update your profile picture and use other tools to edit and crop photos, as well as add stickers and effects.

All these features make OB WhatsApp a great tool for sending text messages as well as making voice and video calls with multiple participants at the same time.

This OB WhatsApp app also provides anti-ban protection and offers professional themes that contain many secret features for your conversations.

The developers have also added many new features to make your calling experience even better.

How to update OB WhatsApp?

OB WhatsApp is an application that is not subject to bans and hacker attacks. It is not available on the official Google Play Store and does not accept modified versions as it follows restrictions and usage guidelines. Plus many new releases. However, to get the new OB WhatsApp updates, you will have to visit our website regularly as we provide them for download in free and easy ways.
It's free and free of annoying ads
If you already have an older version, you will need to scroll to the bottom of this article and you will find the official version that will allow you to use all these features. Here you will find all the new updates without having to click on complicated links or perform other additional steps. We have suggested a suitable software for different users.

Fact OB WhatsApp

The real gist of OB WhatsApp is that it is an Arabic-translated version by the developer, all the internal menus have been updated and privacy is improved through this app.
The official version has been given and programming has been done with changed codes and other functions that prevent blocking and protect against tampering and unauthorized access. It actually allows you to connect with everyone through free methods created just for you, and then you have to sign up and work on creating all these categories without asking for money.

Download OB WhatsApp for iPhone

You will find that OB WhatsApp for iPhone is available for all operating systems. A version that works on Android devices has been released and updated, and a version that works on iPhone devices has also been developed and updated. Now all the users can download and install it by just clicking on the download icon and it will work effectively. You can then choose the version that best suits your phone type.

With this, you have many features that allow you to create your official account, including registering your phone number. You also have the option to recover all your personal data in case you lose it by backing up all your conversations so that you can get them back in case you buy a new phone or lose your phone. Thus, it differs from other modified programs because it contains advanced technologies and all sections have advanced updates.

What's new in OB WhatsApp against bans and hacking?

OB WhatsApp update 46MB comes with many new features and functions.

The developer has provided you with all these free tools that will help you to communicate with others.

You have the option to set a fingerprint lock to protect your messages.
You can then go to settings and see that there are different themes that can activate different themes.

You can then use the search feature to find the theme that suits you and then enable the dark mode available in the latest and new version.
You can then send group messages to more than 5 people at the same time, or create these huge groups and add a private number to them, regardless of the users.

In the version of OB WhatsApp, you can archive all old messages, enter all texts and content and view them at any time, and then hide your activity in terms of read messages or recent presence in the application.

An updated feature has also been added in the same chat window with buttons at the bottom that allow you to chat with two people at the same time or to make group video calls and other large libraries related to icons and stickers.

You will also find that downloading the latest version of OB WhatsApp does not affect your privacy as you can set statuses and stories in a professional way, while being able to see everything your friends post.

There is also a feature that you will like, which is that it has an anti-ban feature so no user will be able to block you. So all the listings will be well communicated and well managed and it will also allow you to transcribe and publish the story with automatic translation.

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